Six Top Tips for Escape Room Players by Expedition Sydney

Here are the six top tips to help you in your next escape room adventure!

  1. Communicate, but not too much!

    • We’re told that communication is key, however sometimes too much can hinder solving the next puzzle. Continuously talking, simply stating everything you see and what comes to your mind, can confuse and distract other players whilst they’re trying to work out what to solve next.

    • There is an art form to knowing when to speak and when to think - this of course will get better with experience.

  2. Look for what is stopping you from progressing.

    • Know the type of lock or ‘control’ which is holding you back. For example is it a number, or letter lock and how many is needed? Perhaps it’s something that looks out of place or a physical item in a certain configuration. Then work backwards to identify what you have at your disposal.

  3. Come at puzzles from different angles.

    • Sometimes simply looking at a puzzle from a different perspective will give you that ‘aha’ moment. This may mean looking at something else then coming back to it.

  4. Recruit players with different strengths.

    • If you have the luxury of many friends and family, it’s always great to recruit players with strengths which differ from your’s. For example:

      • Visual

      • Mathematical

      • Comprehension

      • Geo-spatial

      • Audio

      • Analytical

      • Clutch - Someone who can keep their cool under pressure

  5. Search Everywhere!

    • This can sometimes fool the most advanced escape room players. Don’t forget:

      • Behind doors

      • Under chairs

      • Inside items

      • Under tables

  6. Last but not least, remember to relax and breathe! :)

    • The clock is ticking and anxiety builds up. This can quite often distract the brain from working on those highly analytical puzzles. When you’re in a state of calm and peace, this may help shave those extra seconds needed to solving the puzzling earlier.

Have any more that you think we’ve missed, we’d love to hear them. Let us know.